Company Overview

Trupanion is an industry leader in medical insurance for pets; they specialize in cats and dogs, and offer their services in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Their mission is simple: to help pets receive the best veterinary care possible. They offer a comprehensive pet medical insurance plan that pays 90% of veterinary costs for covered illness and injury claims that could include diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and alternative therapies for the treatment of injuries or illnesses.

Services Provided

+ Sitecore Best Practices Audit

The Paragon team performed a review of the live Trupanion web site at,, and The review focused on the quality of the initial site design and build, expressed issues with maintenance, ability to upgrade and modernize the site, compatibility with medium-term enhancement objectives, and ongoing cost of ownership.

The overall assessment of the site in its current form is that it has a well-structured information architecture and excellent responsive user experience. We did not note any structural issues that should prevent the proper and cost-effective operation of the site. Though well-structured from an information architecture standpoint, the site was built on a presentation paradigm.

Paragon’s team provided a detailed report of findings that was broken down by the following, as well as solutions to each item.
- Impression
- Good Practices
- Immediate Issues
- Major Issues
- Minor Issues