Company Overview

CHAMPS Healthcare consulting specialists provide expertise and personalized services to more than 4,200 accounts nationwide. As the business affiliate of The Center for Health Affairs, the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, CHAMPS has been dedicated to increasing efficiencies, lowering costs, and providing strategic partnerships for healthcare facilities for 94 years. CHAMPS services include Group Purchasing, Cancer Program Compliance, Human Resources Consulting, Pension Administration and Unemployment Compensation Consulting.

Services Provided

+ Discovery & Design
+ Front-end Development
+ Sitecore Development

On this project, Paragon’s programming team created & implemented a blogging site in Sitecore using WeBlog for CHAMPS Human Resources, a division of CHAMPS Healthcare, which is the business affiliate of The Center for Health Affairs, Northeast Ohio’s hospital association. The Center and CHAMPS both have newly redesigned and launched Sitecore websites and the blogging module allows the non-technical staff at CHAMPS to write blogs, post them online, select a category and also tag certain buzz words making it easier for visitors to find and read blogs on subjects of interest.

The objective of the blog was to increase credibility of the experts at CHAMPS HR  and to drive traffic to the website. The blog covers many of HR’s frontline issues, and includes a few built-in features that encourage dialogue and social sharing of content.  The Tagcloud feature appears on the main page of the blog, and displays different size key buzz words based on the number of blogs tagged with those words. The Tagcloud also allows visitors to click on the terms to find all blogs tagged with that key word. View this helpful navigational tool at: Tagcloud, CHAMPS Human Resources, located in the right column.

The blog posts are also organized by category, by author and by date, making it user-friendly for visitors to find what they are looking for as well as allowing blog editors to easily make changes and update the data. Comments are encouraged and also controlled by requesting blog readers to enter their name, email address and a captcha to ensure comments are from people, not computer generated spam. In addition, commenters can select to receive email alerts when others comment on the blog – a way to keep the conversation flowing.

Visit CHAMPS Human Resource’s Blogging Site to view all features & tools of the new site, powdered by Sitecore