Company Overview

The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) is a health information management (HIM) professional association more than 67,000 members strong. Since its founding in 1928, AHIMA has remained committed to quality healthcare through quality information.

Services Provided

+ Sitecore Development
+ Sitecore Support 
+ Sitecore Configuration Complete Rebuild

The first phase of this project consisted of a complete rebuild of the site, transitioning from an older CMS to Sitecore. This entailed extensive content restructuring and a very dynamic approach to entering, maintaining, and presenting data. The Sitecore 7 site incorporated the design of AHIMA’s design team to greatly simplify site end-user usability and provide a platform for expanding their site in the future. Content restructuring included an overhaul of their meetings calendar and information system and categorized content delivery where pages can display and reuse content automatically based on their content category. Some new design elements include a new Home Page, Category Page and Article Pages, Meeting/Events Page, and Search page.

The second phase will include an overhaul of their Body of Knowledge (BoK) – an extensive searchable library of HIM information – to go live later this fall.