Paragon's Sitecore Best Practice Audit Can Help Improve the Productivity of Your Site

You’ve invested in one of the best Content Management Systems but is your Sitecore implementation living up to expectations? Have you heard any of these questions or complaints?

• I know what I want to change but I can’t find it
• Why do I still have to write so much HTML?
• Why does my content look different in the Sitecore editor vs. Sitecore preview vs. published page?
• Why don’t I see any analytics?
• Can we add more sites?
• Will the DMS work?
• I can’t figure out how to make Web Forms for Marketers work

Sitecore Audit: How it Works Paragon’s team of Sitecore specialists will take a detailed look at your site’s overall system architecture, Sitecore architecture, solution code and Sitecore deployment. We’ll then measure it against Sitecore best practices, and provide you with an executive itemized report.  The specifics of this report are outlined below.  The primary deliverable for this engagement is a remediation plan that details trouble spots, a remediation plan, timeline, and budget.

Deliverable Outline
I. Executive Summary
II. Sitecore feature implementation assessment (good, bad, and the ugly)
III. Editor’s Experience
    A. Media and Assets
    B. Content Structure
    C. Template Hierarchy
    D. Presentation Components

IV. System Considerations 
    A. Extensibility 
    B. Environment and Scalability
    C. Workflow, Security, and Governance
    D. Software Licensing 
    E. Module and 3rd Party Component Integration
V. DMS Preparedness
VI. Remediation Plan

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“We were unbelievably frustrated with Sitecore before we met Paragon. Their deep expertise and can-do attitude, along with their practical recommendations, has empowered us to start utilizing and believing in Sitecore as the powerful CMS that it is.”

Charlotte Buschur
T Business Systems Analyst, Safeguard Properties