Sitecore CMS Mobile: Making your Site Mobile-Friendly is a Must.

With Sitecore CMS Mobile Web, you can ensure a mobile-friendly site that offers visitors a consistent, compelling experience on virtually any mobile device every time --all while building Brand Loyalty, Personalization, and Relevance.

People have come to realize that accessing today’s technology with advanced SEO and mobile devices is the way to search for what they need online. Using the internet to promote your business products and services is half the equation; making it mobile friendly to the visitor is the other half.

Sitecore CMS Mobile Web easily delivers content for any format - from mobile phones to tablet PCs, from printer-friendly layouts to RSS XML feeds - for a consistent, multi-channel experience.

- Automatically detect the visitor’s device type
- Serve content optimized for the visitor’s device
- Ensure content is device independent
- Mobile Ready

Engage your audience anywhere and get more for your marketing dollar with a site that is optimized for the iPhone, Blackberry, and other devices.

- Optimize your site for mobile viewing
- Reach your customers wherever they are
- Use your own mobile device to review changes


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