Paragon’s Managed Sitecore Hosting Solution is the Perfect Choice for Secure, Reliable Web Hosting

Paragon maintains one of the largest, most experienced certified Sitecore development teams in the country. Our network engineers follow suit and are fully versed in installing, configuring, and maintaining your Sitecore-based web site in the cloud.

We offer a range of services from dedicated physical platforms to virtual private servers, each tailored specifically to the needs of your application and managed constantly by our full-time staff.

All of Paragon’s web hosting plans come with full management services by Paragon engineers. We actively monitor your servers for security, bandwidth and stability. We run backups, apply patches, and perform upgrades so you can forget about the infrastructure and focus on your business.

If something goes wrong we’ll probably know about it before you do, but if we don’t you only have one number to call to get it fixed. No more finger pointing between your developers and your hosting company. No more wondering who to call. No more multiple bills for a single problem. One call, one company, Paragon Consulting.