Sitecore Brochures

Friday, May 01, 2015 @ 11:00

Ready to get some more details on Sitecore and our award winning Content Management Software? Or perhaps read up on Foundry, the solution for hundreds or thousands of distributed sites, built on Sitecore CMS? If you are interested in an Intranet Solution with many prebuilt capabilities, then check out our Sitecore Intranet Portal. We also have some specific information on our popular solution which integrates Microsoft's SharePoint 2007 and 2010 with Sitecore, bringing collaboration assets and information to the web.

Sitecore Experience Platform
Combining the rock-solid stability and flexibility of Sitecore’s enterprise-class .NET web content management with powerful tools designed for marketers, the comprehensive Sitecore Experience Platform provides an elegant, integrated solution that connects channels, engagement automation, commerce, and engagement analytics, with external tools and databases, all to drive exceptional customer experience.

Sitecore Federated Experience Manager
With Federated Experience Manager, you can serve up equally relevant and consistent experiences from your websites that are not powered by Sitecore, and make them a seamless part of the connected customer experience.

Sitecore Web Experience Manager
Forget about managing websites. Today, your job is to manage experiences—where your customers travel from your website to email, social, mobile, and back again.

Sitecore Email Experience Manager
Get to know your prospects, delight them by providing them with just what they are looking for on your website, and then convert them.

Sitecore Print Experience Manager
Output targeted print materials to your customers and potential customers using the Sitecore Print Experience Manager.

Sitecore Commerce
The most successful commerce sites today blend compelling customer experience with advanced website management and marketing tools in a single, easy-to-use platform.