Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable - May 2014

Wednesday, June 04, 2014 @ 12:58

By: Matt Russo, Digital Marketing Specialist

Paragon recently held its 4th Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable. These sessions have been a great opportunity to learn more about Sitecore, discuss best practices and network with other Sitecore users. This meeting was no exception, and we had great evening of sharing, learning, laughter, and food.

Paragon’s Digital Marketing Specialist, Matt Russo started us off with an overview of Sitecore Customer Engagement Platform  including a Deep Dive into the Email Campaign Manager (ECM) and a  demonstration of a Working Implementation (Nuts and Bolts).  This led to a great discussion on Best Practices / Do’s and Don’ts.

In the second session, Matt covered ECM & DMS Integration (The Holy Grail) which included a Demonstration of Analytics and Reporting, followed by a discussion on Best Practices.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the evening. We look forward to our next Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable and hope to see you there.

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The night was capped off by happy hour at the nearby Mavis Winkles where lots of drinks and laughs were shared.


Matt Russo
Matt is a Sitecore Certified Developer who works for Paragon Consulting as their Digital Marketing Specialist. He looks after the Paragon brand’s digital marketing initiatives, and consults with Paragon clients to help them better leverage their Sitecore platforms digital marketing capabilities.