Q&A with Sitecore MVP Winner Scott Gillis

Monday, March 13, 2017 @ 01:00

What advice might you give to an organization considering Sitecore?

I believe that the first step in evaluating if Sitecore is the right fit for an organization is to think of it as a fully customizable platform. When purchased, Sitecore doesn't give you much out the door. But, with the proper mind set, a good guide, and the right planning, Sitecore will become the cog keeping many elements of the organization spinning.

What does the MVP award mean for Paragon customers?

Being one of the selected few (282 MVPs out of 1800+ applicants) into the MVP program means that, as a Paragon customer, you are ensured solid recommendations that will allow your site to breathe and change with ease in the Sitecore ecosystem.

What Sitecore changes are you most excited for in 2017?

The second half of the year is going to be huge for Sitecore. As they laid out at the Symposium in October 2016, there are many updates coming in the next major release (8.3). In this new release, we are supposed to receive an overhauled Web Forms for Marketers (WFFM), which I think will go a long way in allowing that first information gathering to be smoother and easier to customize for an organization.

The second major item, and the one I'm looking most forward to, is the new 'xConnect' interface (checkout the video at http://www.sitecore.net/en/resources/index/video-assets/dreams-achieved). It will allow a clearer path to read and write in the xProfile, creating even more personalized journeys for customers.

How many Sitecore sites have you helped build/deploy

Since bringing my skill set from the world of SharePoint to Sitecore, I have had the opportunity to lead five talented teams from the whiteboard of a sales pitch to the exhilaration of a live website that is ready for the opportunity to enhance customer journeys. Most of these being large site builds which include some level of automated content migration.

Sometimes in parallel, but always filling the gaps between builds, I get the opportunity to have a hand in dozens of other sites. In some instances, I'm coming in to provide a fresh evaluation of an existing environment through an audit. Other times, it is supporting team members through a difficult request or unusual bug. I look forward to tackling whatever challenges that may come up during the development and implementation processes. They keep my Sitecore senses sharp.



Scott Gillis, Lead Consultant at Paragon and 2017 Sitecore MVP, has been working with Sitecore for several years. He has a deep passion for helping clients leverage their content and data into powerful new capabilities in Sitecore and has produced successful outcomes as the technical lead on numerous, complex implementations. Recently, Scott has been focusing on helping these clients take advantage of the wealth of data collected by Sitecore Experience Analytics.