Paragon Consulting to Speak at Sitecore Symposium 2016

Friday, August 05, 2016 @ 10:30

This year, Paragon's commitment to the conference has expanded considerably and will include not only the role as a Platinum Sponsor, but as a speaker in the Symposium.

Scott Gillis, Lead Consultant, will present: Experience the Singularity of Data: Bringing Google Analytics and Sitecore Together. During this session, Gillis will breakdown how the Sitecore Experience Platform is taking over as the center of digital operations in many deployments. He will also explore methods of bringing together Google Analytics data and Sitecore's Experience Platform data into a single place for insights and analysis.

Imagine you work for a premium coffee roaster and supplier, known as The Coffeehouse. One of your responsibilities is managing the engagement of visitors to the company's site.

Every Monday morning, task two (task one was to retrieve that precious black liquid) is to generate last week's site performance report for the 9:00 AM management team meeting. You love numbers and the personalization and profiling elements that have been designed for the site to enhance the visitors experience, but the constant browser jumping between applications is a serious drain of any fun to be had from the task.

If you can relate to the fact your site's data is spread a little too thin across multiple applications, you need to join me in New Orleans for the Sitecore Symposium (#SitecoreSym). During my stay, I'll be presenting a session on how teams can start centralizing all of those data points into Sitecore called "Experience the Singularity of Data: Bringing Google Analytics and Sitecore Together".

I will explore viewing the raw data from Google Analytics within Sitecore so there is no need for browser jumping, as well as looking at some ways that you can pull your Google Analytics in to enhance the view of your site visitors.

Looking forward to sharing our ideas in 40 days and counting at the Sitecore Symposium.

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Scott Gillis - Sitecore Symposium
Gillis is a Sitecore CMS certified developer with a background of delivering successful solutions on the Sitecore Experience Platform, Microsoft SharePoint, and even a custom line of business applications. He recognizes that bringing new technology into established business processes is like playing with oil and fire, but feels that, with open communication, such exchanges will be positive for the business. Because change is difficult for everyone, he strives to help lessen the uncomfortable, by providing concise training, documentation, and an empathetic hand from the start to finish of a project.