Event Recap: Search Marketing in the B2B World Hosted by Paragon & Oxiem

Wednesday, June 04, 2014 @ 01:00

B2B companies are investing in Search Marketing because of the value it brings.  Unlike B2C marketers, B2B marketers face challenges such as longer sales cycles, multiple audiences, and existing websites that aren't typically designed and developed with conversion in mind.

Search marketing has increasingly become the solution that B2B marketers are investing in because of the ease in qualifying leads and filling the sales funnel; the ability to speak to all different audience types through targeted keywords/messaging; and perhaps most importantly, the ability to measure Return On Investment (ROI).  Monetarily determining the Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer, you can easily calculate your search marketing spend up against new business generated by search and determine the ROI.

Panelist Included:

-   Mum Industries, Melissa Roesch, Marketing Coordinator

-   STERIS Corporation, John Ferron, eBusiness Marketing Manager

-   University Hospitals, Jason Lee, Senior Interactive Marketing Strategist

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Thank you to those who attended our event "Search Marketing in the B2B World" today, we hope you found it informative! If you were unable to attend and would like more info on B2B Search Marketing please contact:

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