Faber-Castell's Website Launches in Sitecore

Thursday, June 21, 2012 @ 01:14

Paragon Consulting is pleased to announce the launching of our client Faber-Castell’s website. Faber-Castell is world renowned for the high quality, professional art supplies in their Art & Graphic lines; the fine writing instruments and accessories developed for the Design and Graf von Faber-Castell product lines; the Creativity for Kids brand, which is the leading specialty manufacturer of creative activity products for children of all ages; and the Playing & Learning line of art supplies for children in the United States.

Paragon Consulting worked in a team engagement with Faber-Castell United States, as well as Faber-Castell International in Germany, and their development company, Neveling. Paragon Consulting’s team merged six separate individual brand sites into one centralized Sitecore site under the Faber-Castell brand during this project,  while concurrently keeping each of the brand sites available under the Faber-Castell umbrella. E-commerce was added to the site for all of Faber-Castell brands and ties into Shopatron for order processing and fulfillment.

Tina Skolnekovich, Faber-Castell’s Manager of Web Development says: “Our goal for this project was twofold. We wanted to create one website that offers all Faber-Castell USA brands and to utilize Sitecore’s functionality to improve our online presence. Paragon helped to make this project a huge success!”

The site may be seen at http://www.fabercastell.com/.

Faber Castell