Working with Sitecore, an Introduction

Wednesday, February 20, 2013 @ 11:12

By: Josh Jenkins, Lead Consultant

I work as a Lead Consultant for Paragon Consulting and we happen to have quite a few active Sitecore developers. Because of that, I get to see the way a lot of different people tackle implementing Sitecore.

As part of my job I work directly with clients helping them implement their custom Sitecore solutions and I am regularly exposed to different environments, processes, and paradigms.
To be able to perform my job to the best of my ability I like to stay on top of things. One way I do that is by following other developers, especially ones who I believe share my values, like Thomas Eldblom, Mike Edwards, and Kern Herskind. I make a valiant effort to consume whatever they put out there.

The point is that I've done a lot of Sitecore development and have worked with a lot of people over the past few years in a lot of different environments. Sometime I like what comes out of those collaborations and sometimes I don't. Either way, I try not to be too rigid and set in my ways. If I see something cool, I borrow it and add it to my repertoire.

This has led me to develop some habits in my Sitecore implementations that I feel help make development easier, especially in the collaborative or team sense.

I feel like the biggest hurdle with any project team is getting developers to agree on a process. I think it's essential that when working on a team, everyone needs to speak the same language and believe in the value of our process, whatever that process may be. This series is basically my process for Sitecore development and it goes over what I've come up with over the years from reading articles, talking to and working with lots of talented developers.

The Basics:


Development and Deployment:

  • Part Twelve: Source Control Workflow
  • Part Thirteen: Deployment Process
  • Part Fourteen: Documenting the Project
  • Part Fifteen: Getting a new team member up and running