Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable Recap - March 2015

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 @ 09:00

By: Scott Gillis, Lead Consultant

Paragon hosted another Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable in Solon on March 19th, 2015. The anticipation of experiencing Sitecore 8 drove attendance, making for one of the largest meet-ups yet. Those that attended had the opportunity to hear about, see and even experience some of the new tools, reports and connections that the Sitecore Experience Platform brings to an organization.

The evening started with looking at how to drive traffic to a site via publishing social media messages in connection with the publishing of new content. Then leveraging personalization as users entered the site from the published link and announcement. Continuing, on the pattern of social connectedness, we watch how the triggering of a goal (targeted action) on the site, results in the ability for the organization to publish to a registered users social media accounts. The beauty of both these publish actions is that Sitecore does the hard work interacting with each networks API, leaving you to just manage accounts.

Next on the agenda was a look at how the usage of MongoDB to store and track contact information provides a simple, yet excellent place to synchronize customer information from other systems within the organization, then personalize the experience based on this additional knowledge. During the evening, this was demonstrated via connecting to the “Paragon Coffeehouse’s” Salesforce.

Everyone's experience ended with a look through some of the new reporting screens allowing a new level and clearer picture into all of the analytics data being collected.

These sessions have been a great opportunity to learn more about Sitecore, discuss best practices and network with other Sitecore users. This meeting was no exception, and we had a great evening of sharing, learning, laughter and food.


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Scott Gillis, Lead Consultant at Paragon and 2017 Sitecore MVP, has been working with Sitecore for several years. He has a deep passion for helping clients leverage their content and data into powerful new capabilities in Sitecore and has produced successful outcomes as the technical lead on numerous, complex implementations. Recently, Scott has been focusing on helping these clients take advantage of the wealth of data collected by Sitecore Experience Analytics.