Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable - Blog Recap

Thursday, December 05, 2013 @ 09:23
By: Brent McLean, Lead Consultant

Paragon hosted another Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable in Independence on December 3rd. These sessions have been a great opportunity to learn more about Sitecore, discuss best practices and network with other Sitecore users. This meeting was no exception, and we had great evening of sharing, learning, laughter, and food.

The topic for this quarter’s meeting was Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS). Paragon’s Director of Technology, John Ours, started us off with an overview and demonstration of the DMS and its capabilities. He led the group through the use goals, campaigns, engagement plans, profiles, personalization, and A/B testing. This led to a great discussion with many of attendees on how to implement and use these capabilities in their own sites to meet their marketing objectives.

Next up was Michelle Heffner from Materion. Michelle is in the middle of a DMS implementation on her own site. She was able to share her real world experience on the challenges and successes she has had in getting Sitecore and now DMS up and running within their organization. Michelle encouraged the other Sitecore users to share their own experiences and the group was able to learn from each others experiences.

The night was capped off by happy hour at the nearby Mavis Winkles where lots of drinks and laughs were shared.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the evening. We look forward to our next Sitecore Best Practices Roundtable and hope to see you there.

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